How government’s LED bulb push is helping save Rs 2.71 crore every day

By Shailesh Menon, ET Bureau | 15 Oct, 2015, 08.35AM IST MUMBAI: In recent months, cottage industries in Puducherry that make incense sticks, mats and perfumed candles have been staying open late into the night with their electricity costs intact. Nearly 600 km away in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, farmers living in mud houses along the Krishna River no longer fret about shooting power bills while switching on lights at dusk. This is all thanks to a government-sponsored LED distribution programme, which outlines the replacement of incandescent bulbs and CFLs with energy-efficient LED lamps. […]

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13 GW of solar power projects in the pipeline in India – Southern states leading

By Jyoti Gulia, Bridge to India, Oct 7, 2015 India has made tremendous strides in the development of its solar sector in last 18 months. As of today, the country has a solar project pipeline of 13 GW. These are projects, for which either PPAs have already been signed or tenders are issued. Most of these projects should be commissioned by the end of 2016 or early 2017. […]

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India’s diesel-guzzling railways are testing coaches with solar panels

From Quartz India, written by Maria Thomas, June 12, 2015 Now, that’s a sun roof. Solar energy has a surprising new supporter in India: The country’s massive state-owned railways. India has one of the largest (pdf) railway networks in the world, running some 12,000 trains that carry over 23 million passengers every day. That’s almost as much as the entire population of Australia. But moving such huge numbers of people—aside from transporting 3 million tonnes of freight daily—requires a massive amount of energy. In 2012, for instance, the Indian Railways consumed nearly 3 millionkilolitres of diesel oil and about 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. All that fuel costs a pretty penny— Rs30,000 crore ($4.7 billion) to be exact—that has, over time, begun hurting the balance sheet of the Indian Railways. India’s railway minister, Suresh PrabhakarPrabhu, now wants the railways to control their ballooning fuel bill, even as the number of passengers and amount of freight increase. His plan: Incorporating more alternative energy sources to power trains. […]

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