Solar DC Freezer

  • Truly off-grid: The Devidayal solar freezer runs 24×7 on solar power with the use of an appropriate battery and is designed for overnight cooling.
  • Uses : Specially designed for storage of life-saving vaccines, drugs and insulin. Versatile: Also used by fisheries, vendors and various cooling and freezing purposes.
  • Mobile : The solar freezer is mobile and can be mounted on luxury buses, boats, vans (mobile clinics), e-rickshaws (vendors) and much more.


MAIN Features:

  • Most Efficient Freezer in its size. Uses 65/95W DC compressor
  • Easy to move roller legs
  • Energy saving, energy Efficient
  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Uses CFC Free Refrigerant (Environmental Friendly, low global warming impact and ozone depletion potential).
  • Reserve Cooling Capacity
  • Digital Feather Touch Display with 5V USB charging port
  • Rugged Construction
  • Inside light, lock & key, solar charge controller and adapter included