Project Spotlight: Truck Mounted Solar Cold Chain

We completed Milestone 1 of our R&D Project : Truck Mounted Solar Cold Chain

Truck-mounted solar refrigerators: enabling women entrepreneurs to reach markets through technology

Devidayal Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd

The project will create a cold chain ecosystem with truck mounted solar refrigerators and a smartphone-based demand and distribution system to enable local, women entrepreneurs and farmers to reach new markets.

The focus of this project is to enable farmers to get the best price for their produce and reduce loss due to spoilage. This project is expected to reduce the levels of food wastage, improve access to energy, help alleviate poverty and solve gender-based issues.

It will be conducted in a rural area with a number of constraints including unreliable power sources, inadequate transportation facilities, working from a remote location, limited customer connectivity and high temperatures.

This project aims to organise and manage the technology from procurement to distribution at a pilot scale using our tested solar DC refrigerators. Solar panels will be mounted on each vehicle connected to a charge controller, battery and the DC refrigerator. The market linkages will be made by a partner organisation, Lateral Praxis through a Demand and Distribution (DND) app.  The project’s approach is to train the local Internet saathis (associates) using our on-ground partners and a smart phone-enabled system. Part of the budget is dedicated to training local female entrepreneurs to challenge gender-based issues.

The project plans to use a flexible design, e.g. the ability to be able to manage different produce at different times that is easily adjustable. This can be done using innovative designs around cooling products, specifically for transportation of produce or agricultural farm products.

The grant is critical for us to demonstrate micro cold-chains in rural India and will be used where it is needed most.  We are very thankful for the donors to enable us to implement this high-impact project.


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