Devidayal Solar Solutions

Devidayal Solar Solutions has a single mission – To make solar energy an affordable, real option for residential, industrial and commercial consumers. We understand your everyday problems.  Battery and inverter not charged? Load-shedding? High electricity bills? Insufficient lighting to work or study? Or hot summer nights without a fan? We have the answer at a price you can afford.

We offer a sustainable solution for factories, homes, societies, shops, petrol pumps and commercial establishments. We assess your needs and provide you with a complete project based solution for your factory or a home-kit which consists of high efficiency roof-top solar panels, low power-consuming LED bulbs and a range of DC fans, solar battery chargers and other economic solutions like compact high lumen lanterns. Our products are designed with India in mind. We offer a rugged yet efficient build and a warranty you can trust.

New Solar DC Freezer Launched!!!

Make Ice With The Sun!!!

Designed for storage of life-saving medicines and vaccines, drinks, dairy and food.

Most efficient solar freezer in this range. Digital display, rugged construction, environment friendly (No CFC), works on 2 solar panels and a reserve battery!

100 Ltr Solar Freezer

LiFePO4 Solar Street Lights Launched!

30W SSL with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Batteries! Long lasting durability in hot weather!

Double the battery cycles! 3 Yr warranty!

Higher wattages 40W, 50 W, 60 W SSL with LiFePO4 customized and quotations on request!

20W SSL with Burglar Alarm

2018 Targets

Wp Installed
Solar Street Lights Installed
Solar Lighting Systems Delivered
Channel Partners Empaneled