Devidayal Solar Solutions is a privately held company with a single mission. We make solar energy an affordable, real option for residential, industrial and commercial consumers. We understand your everyday problems. Battery and invertor not charged? Load-shedding? High electricity bills? Insufficient lighting to work or study? Or hot summer nights without a fan? We have the answer at a price you can afford.

We offer a sustainable solution for factories, homes, societies, shops, petrol pumps and commercial establishments. We assess your needs and provide you with a complete project based solution for your factory or a home-kit which consists of high efficiency roof-top solar panels, low power-consuming LED bulbs and a range of DC fans, solar battery chargers and other economic solutions like compact high lumen lanterns. Our products are designed with India in mind. We offer a rugged yet efficient build and a warranty you can trust.

New Solar Street Light With Anti-theft Feature!

Built in burglar alarm (110 decibels, loud!)

All-in-one integrated design, > 2000 lumens bright!

MNRE approved high efficiency monocrystalline panel, BIS approved 11 Ah li-ion battery, PIR motion sensor enabled, dusk to dawn auto operation

20W SSL with Burglar Alarm

LiFePO4 Solar Street Lights Launched!

30W SSL with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Batteries! Long lasting durability in hot weather!

Double the battery cycles! 3 Yr warranty!

Higher wattages 40W, 50 W, 60 W SSL with LiFePO4 customized and quotations on request!

20W SSL with Burglar Alarm

2017 Targets

Wp Installed
Solar Street Lights Installed
Solar Lighting Systems Delivered
Villages Reached