Devidayal Solar Solutions will focus on developing and selling solutions in the renewable energy space. The company will collaborate with others and leverage on technology to conceive and implement projects wherein renewable energy becomes an enabler to improve the lives of the people in a sustainable manner.

Unique Solar DC Refrigerator

Designed for storage of livelihood applications like drinks, dairy and food. Available in 100 Ltr, 150 Ltr, 200 Ltr & 268 Ltr models.
Most efficient solar refrigerator in this range. Digital display, rugged
construction, environment friendly, ideal for mobile installations.

Our livelihoods will grow

A women-led food truck company in Vasai Virar, India that is supporting livelihoods with the profits from a Devidayal solar-powered refrigerator. The truck-mounted refrigerator project was implemented with funding from UK aid and IKEA Foundation, through the Efficiency for Access Research & Development Fund.

New launch – DDSolar health & maternity kit

Download DDSolar health & maternity kit manual
1. Foetal Doppler (BPL)
2. Pulse Oximeter (BPL)
3. Haemoglobin Monitor (Mission)
4. Glucometer (AccuChek)
5. IR Thermometer (Omron)
6. Urine Strip (Siemens)
7. Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron)
8. Digital Weigh Scale (Omron)
9. MPPT Solar Charge Controller. Separate unit with bracket for holding Battery pack. And interface cable for charging the battery independently through a 75 Wp Solar Panel.
10. 2 Sets of 12.8 V – 10 AH, Lifepo4 Battery Pack, with 2 x USB port, Lamp interface terminal, Bar Graph, with ON OFF Switch, Fuse, Reverse Battery Protection, etc.
11. 2 Nos. 30W Head Lamp 12. 2 Nos. 5 W Hand Lamp. 13. ‘AA and ‘AAA’ charger for accessories. 14. USB to Universal Cable for Mobile charging. 15. USB to 3mm Pin for Head lamp charging.


2020 – 2021 Targets


Solar Refrigerator Installed


Solar Street Lights Installed


Battery Chargers & Solar Charge Controllers


Efficient Solar Fans

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